January 31, 2019
Stay Warm

As the Cold Weather is ahead of us, it is important that we remember a few things whilst braving the Winter Period!


Working in the winter can be quite unpleasant at times! You start work in the dark and go home in the dark, it’s often very wet, cold, and windy. What is supposed to be a simple task can sometimes turn out to be very hazardous. Activities can take longer to complete during the winter due to the working conditions, and budgets should be made when planning work activities during the winter period.

Layers of thin clothing are usually warmer than a thick jumper or coat. Thermal underlayers will give good protection against the cold. It’s also important to consider keeping enough waterproofs handy for those cold, wet days. Maintain all welfare arrangements and fuel your body with hot drinks and a hot meal.

Icy conditions can be extremely hazardous for pedestrians and very challenging for drivers of moving vehicles. Pedestrian walkways, site entrances and roads must be gritted to avoid people slipping and vehicles and plant losing control.  Working with water in freezing temperatures requires extra care to ensure that ice patches are not created by work activities.

When driving in the dark or poor weather conditions, leave more space between you and the vehicle in front as this will give you more reaction time for braking. Ensure vehicles are maintained efficiently throughout. Check tyres are in good condition, windows clean etc.

Ensure provisions are made to light all working areas outside daylight hours. Also keep all traffic cones, signs, and boards clean so they remain visible to road users. Maintain enough lighting for pedestrian walkways to prevent people tripping over in the dark.

Keep a Look Out for Toolbox Talks on Working in Cold/Adverse Weather Conditions

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